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Frank Perez, On the Issues


Frank Perez on the Issues

I believe residents know what is best for their neighborhoods.  For that reason, I believe our City Council person must be accessible and responsive to residents.  If elected, I promise to listen, attend neighborhood association meetings, and respond to your concerns and ideas.

District C faces a lot of issues.  Here are my thoughts on a few of them.

“Not only is Frank passionate about New Orleans, he knows how to get things done.”


 Robi Robichaux,

-Algiers Point

Affordable Housing

I will fight for affordable housing for all and will consult with local neighborhood associations for the best answer.

Blighted Buildings

I believe the city needs to do more about the removal of blighted buildings throughout the district.  Historic buildings in disrepair should be renovated.

Brechtel Park

I support the revitalization of Brechtel Park.

City Hall / Municipal Auditorium

I oppose relocating City Hall to the old Municipal Auditorium.

Construction & Zoning Variances

I believe variances should be rare and granted only with the approval of neighborhood residents.


I believe public service is a sacred trust.  I will fight to root out corruption in City Hall.


I support community-based policing.  Law Enforcement must work with residents to stop crime in our neighborhoods.

Criminal Justice Reform

I support criminal justice reform, including banning police chokeholds and legalizing recreational marijuana.


I believe we need to actively enforce the laws we have on the books.


I will hold Entergy accountable and oppose any proposed rate hike.  I will also use the Council's regulatory power to push Entergy towards greener, more renewable energy sources.


I support full equality for all and will fight to expand legal protections to all marginalized groups.

Federal City

I support additional development for Federal City.

Gen. Meyer Commercial Corridor

I support the revitalization of the General Meyer commercial corridor.

Grocery Stores

I support the development and accessibility of grocery stores in food deserts.

Mental Health and the Homeless

I support increasing mental health resources for the homeless.

City Government

We currently have a vibrant night-time economy and a day-time city government.  I believe that city government should be accessible after normal business hours.

Park & Ride

I support the restoration of the Algiers Park and Ride, which has been defunct since Hurricane Katrina.


I will work to fix streets throughout District C.

Public Art

I believe the city government should support the arts in general and public art specifically, especially in Algiers.

Public Transportation

I support expanding and improving the efficiency of public transportation.

Sewage & Water Board

I support a complete overhaul of the management of the Sewage and Water Board.

Short-Term Rentals

I believe the current ordinance governing short-term rentals needs to be strictly enforced.

Street Lighting

I will work to repair broken street lights and add lights where they are needed.


I believe we need a paradigm shift toward a more sustainable and enhanced model of tourism.

Voting Rights

I think it should be easier, not more difficult, for people to vote.  I will oppose voter suppression efforts.

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